Cloud Native Rejekts NA (Los Angeles + Hybrid) 2021

Joaquim Rocha

Joaquim is a software engineering manager at Azure after Kinvolk's acquisition by Microsoft. He has been active in the Open Source community for over 10 years as a developer and/or author, from desktop software (he is a member of the GNOME Foundation), to museum installations, to high-scale storage projects at CERN. He has also been a speaker at several international Open Source events, like FOSDEM, GUADEC and Kubecon.

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Bringing the power of eBPF tools to your Kubernetes web UI

We built Inspektor Gadget to enable Kubernetes operators to get insights on their clusters, simplifying running bcc tools and using the power of eBPF to build more advanced gadgets. We designed Headlamp to help operators visualize and control their clusters, and we made it extensible so that users could tailor it to their needs. We are now combining them to get a lot more power out of both, by enabling use-cases that are powered by Inspektor Gadget and delivered in a way that is easy to use.