Cloud Native Rejekts NA (Los Angeles + Hybrid) 2021

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Main stage
depstat: Analyzing a Go Project’s Dependencies (Arsh Sharma)
Bringing the power of eBPF tools to your Kubernetes web UI (Joaquim Rocha, Marga Manterola)
Hijack a Kubernetes Cluster - a Walkthrough (Nico Meisenzahl)
There’s No Free Lunch, but Can I Have a Free Sandwich With Observability? (Łukasz Piątkowski)
Ray on Public-Cloud Kubernetes: experiments, lessons learned, and suggested best practices (Madhuri Yechuri, Chi Su, Anne Holler)
Avoid Spikes: Unexpected Kubernetes Behaviors (Joe Thompson)
Growing the Community around CNCF Incubation project Emissary Ingress (Cindy Mullins)
Don’t Read the Manual: Automating Helm Provisioning with Terraform (Scott Reu)
Say goodbye to PSP! Migrate your PSP rules to OPA with no hassle (Stefano Chierici)
Troubleshooting Kubernetes CRDs is too damn hard (Nick Young)
National Association of W Lovers: How We Can Create a Thriving Wasm Ecosystem (Taylor Thomas, Matt Butcher)