Building the best internal developers' portal with Backstage
2022-10-23, 14:35–15:05, Room 2

Where do you find internal documentation about a legacy microservice? How can I make an API call to the new service deployed by other team? How is the status of my service in the production kubernetes cluster? The frontend team finds the backend service is down on Friday’s evening, how can they trigger a PagerDuty?

All these questions can be answered with a unique tool, Backstage.

It’s possible to integrate Backstage in any platform or company, increase productivity and start the journey with developer experience. With some documentation already in place and starting from scratch, it's very easy to install Backstage and integrate the minimum capabilities to make the life easier to any company member, starting with developers' life.

Documentation is part of the natural flow in development and engineering. Following best practices to make the documentation of any project as code, stored somewhere in a repository, should be part of the flow.

Having documentation as code made things easier to migrate from one tool to another. Here comes Backstage, as part of the sandbox projects in CNCF. Backstage allows stakeholders to find documentation of any kind and research throw APIs and services with really useful plugins like ArgoCD, Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, PagerDuty, etc.