Setting up a logging stack in 5 minutes
10-23, 18:10–18:15 (US/Eastern), Main Room

Log aggregation is one of the cornerstones of observability but setting up a logging stack can be overly complicated. As the number of clusters an operations team are expected to manage explodes a simpler solution is needed. This talk will demonstrate how we can simplify this process and set up a log aggregation platform in 5 minutes.

Logging systems by their very nature are generalist tools. This means they can cover many use cases but can be unwieldy to configure and maintain. The number of places where Kubernetes clusters are installed and used is rapidly increasing, particularly as the focus on the edge accelerates. A Kubernetes native solution that can easily scale to n clusters is needed. Currently setting up an opensource logging stack is a disjointed process. A central log store needs to be configured and maintained separately from the log aggregation pipeline, often with disparate technologies. This talk demonstrates how these can be integrated into a single unified process.

Started Opni at SUSE Rancher and is the engineering manager for the project. Experience in various AI & software projects at big tech companies (IBM, Disney, Amazon). From Cupertino, CA and enjoys playing basketball, tennis and golf. Interested in finance, politics, and black holes.

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