Open Policy Agent Can Do THAT?! The Many Use Cases of OPA
2022-10-23, 16:30–17:00, Room 2

That’s right! The Open Policy Agent has other skills than just securing your clusters. The general-purpose design of the Open Policy Agent has enabled many tools, such as Gatekeeper, to adopt it for their own policy decision needs. This is powerful because it provides end-users with a consistent approach to policy enforcement throughout the cloud native ecosystem.

This talk will look at several different tools and techniques that leverage OPA's policy engine and how they can benefit the development, deployment, and security of your applications.

We'll explore:
- How Regula can evaluate your infrastructure for compliance violations before ever reaching the cloud.
- How Conftest can enforce cluster policies in local environments and CI without the need for a cluster.
- How Gatekeeper can provide cluster audits and prevent insecure workloads from being deployed.
- How Konstraint can automatically generate documentation, constraints, and templates for your policies.
- ... and more!

By the end of this talk, the audience will have more tools available to them in their toolkit and gain a different perspective on how the Open Policy Agent is used today to make better decisions for tomorrow.