Controllers and Service Catalog; The Power of CRDs
2019-11-17, 15:25–15:55, The Gallery

Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) make it easy for you to add new types of primitives that can be managed by the internal control loop of Kubernetes. In this presentation, Chris Hein will provide an in-depth look at how he has been using CRDs to model external services and some of the benefits and pitfalls of using this style. We'll begin by diving into what CRDs are and how they can be used. Why he choose to model cloud resources using CRDs as opposed to Service Catalog. Continuing into a review of what it's like to build using the control loop and we'll end by discussing golang & Kubernetes code generation and how you can speed up your development by using these tools.

This talk features a deep dive into Controllers and CRDs and how they can be used to manage any type of resource, from something as simple as mutating files on each node using a CRD and a DaemonSet, to Deploying cloud based resources like you see with the AWS Service Operator and Config Connector from Google. This is a space that is heavily influx and with CRDs becoming GA in 1.16, we're about to see an explosion of new use cases for managing resources from within your organizations Kubernetes clusters.