Classic Tools for the Cloud-Native Era: Meet Wash, the Cloud Native Shell
2019-11-17, 14:05–14:35, The Theater

If, as they say, Kubernetes is the new OS...then what is the new shell?

Exploring, understanding, and inspecting cloud-native infrastructure should be simple and straightforward. But containers, pods, object stores, databases, and anything in between - they all have different ways of listing what you have, getting a stream of output, running commands, etc. Every project has their own, unique, bespoke tools and APIs that solve these problems in isolation. Thus, they are difficult to compose together to solve higher-level problems.

UNIX’s philosophy and abstractions have worked for decades. They’re pretty good, and more importantly, they’re familiar to millions of people. What if we applied them to modern, API-centric infrastructure? What underlying abstractions are needed to make them work?

Deepak will demo Wash (, how it attacks this problem, and its architecture.