Kubernetes for Non-coders
11-17, 12:00–12:30 (UTC), The Theater

For most people outside IT departments, understanding how to pronounce Kubernetes is the first step of many steps towards understanding why they should support the transition to Cloud-Native Technologies. This talk seeks to present Kubernetes and cloud-native to non-coders outside the IT department and help them understand how supporting its adoption will benefit them.

The talk begins with an overview of what Cloud-Native is, proceeds to a non-technical explanation of Kubernetes using housing as a metaphor, and finishes with key benefits to non-IT departments when adopting Kubernetes. Audience members will learn how to explain and advocate for Kubernetes at an organisational level.

Bill Mulligan currently works at Loodse as a Kubernetes Advocate, helping companies understand if Kubernetes is the right fit for them. He has been published on DevOps.com and The New Stack and appeared on the Cisco Cloud Unfiltered podcast. He has given talks about Kubernetes at Cloud Native Warsaw, ContainerDays, DevOn Summit, DevOps Gathering, Landing Festival, and Open Networking Summit.