»Deploy to production with Skaffold, BuildPacks and Tekton«
2019-11-16, 14:45–15:15, Room1

What if we could use the same tool for local development and deployment to production in our CD pipeline? In the last two years, developer experience tools like Skaffold started to help with the challenges of local development of Kubernetes applications. Typically, building and deploying the application in the local development loop is very similar to building and deploying it to production.

Skaffold enables reusing the same declarative configuration for fast local dev loop up to production deployments, while expressing differences using profiles. Tekton is an open source Kubernetes native declarative API for configuring and managing CI/CD pipelines.

In this talk Tejal and Balint invite you to explore and discuss GitOps approaches built on this idea using the latest features of Skaffold like Tekton pipeline generation, configuration profiles and building images with CNCF BuildPacks.

Having a sound strategy for an application's delivery pipeline is very important early on in a project. We believe that the simple idea of using the same tool for image building and deployment across all stages of development can simplify the design of delivery pipelines and can be beneficial in most cases. These benefits are lower maintenance costs, faster onboarding and smaller deployment risk.

We would like to share the story of exploring the benefits and limits of this idea through our research, live demos, collected user feedback, and an opportunity for discussion with the community. Through the lens of this idea, we start with a brief overview of GitOps practices and different workflows. We demonstrate a simple app using Skaffold as a local dev tool, then we generate a Tekton Pipeline that - via Skaffold - builds an app with CNCF BuildPacks and deploys it to Kubernetes with helm.