Managing Thousands of Edge k8s Clusters with GitOps
2019-11-17, 11:20–11:50, The Theater

We will provide a comprehensive overview of how we’ve built a large scale, fully open sourced edge cloud platform. It maps the technology to real use cases and grows the community collaboration around realistic deployments. It will show real operational data at scale from one of the largest retailers in the world. The audience will see not only the k8s deployment but app orchestration across thousands of k8s clusters.

GitOps provides a standard operating model for managing Kubernetes clusters. A single cluster can be managed individually or with simple CI/CD tooling. However, when dealing with thousands of retail stores, industrial installations or autonomous robotics devices this requires a different approach.

The Volterra SRE team operates a global SaaS Edge Platform. Solving various challenges in managing a large number of clusters in various states (i.e. online, offline, etc.); leveraging the Kubernetes ecosystem & tooling with a declarative pull-based model using GitOps.

In this session, you will learn how to apply GitOps to effectively manage and monitor fleets of k8s clusters. the tooling built to solve problems around CI/CD, K8s object orchestration, configuration management, and observability of the fleet. A demo of the SRE tooling on how you can control daily cluster updates around the globe.