Still waiting for IPv6? Get ingress to any Kubernetes cluster with inlets
2019-11-16, 16:20–16:50, The Theater

There are numerous reasons why you may not have incoming network access (ingress) to your Kubernetes cluster. You may be behind carrier-grade NAT, sitting in a coffee shop, working on a client’s site, or just not quite sure how you’d benefit from it. IPv6 is one way this problem will be addressed in the future, but the dream has not yet arrived..

Incoming data is important for local dev/test and for the edge, which is why closed-source tooling like Ngrok is so popular amongst developers. You can integrate systems and share your local endpoints with others.

In this session Alex will demonstrate a new Kubernetes Operator built on the Open Source inlets project that means that any private or dev cluster can get a public IP and incoming network access - from the Internet or another private network.

So whether you’re running code in Docker, Minikube, KinD, k3s, or with kubeadm on bare-metal, come to see a live demo of the inlets-operator turning LoadBalancer IPs from “Pending” to real IPv4 addresses.