Ivan Sim

Ivan Sim is a software engineer at Buoyant. He is currently working on the open source Linkerd project. He likes working with the Linkerd community by answering their questions on Slack, and reviewing their GitHub PRs. He is passionate about helping users to adopt Linkerd to solve their production environment problems. Prior to joining Buoyant, Ivan had the opportunity to work as DevOps lead and engineer with teams across North America, Europe and Asia to help them manage their cloud environments.

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Code Fast and Test Accurately Without Kubectl
Daniel Bentley, Ivan Sim

As cloud native software continues to grow and mature, code bases become larger and more complicated. What used to be simple build workflows with some Makefiles, now spans across multiple repositories and registries and CI/CD systems. As a Kubernetes developer, jumping through hoops to test your code change on remote clusters can be frustrating. The commands to learn, the build scripts to debug, the clusters policies to remember and the builds wait times are all nuisances which distract from development and don’t help with the delivery progress. In this talk, Ivan and Dan will share some lessons learned on identifying development workflow bottlenecks, and how we utilize Tilt to streamline the Linkerd development workflow, where Tilt makes “getting started” boring and the developers will feel “right at home” both when writing code on their laptops as well as remotely in the cloud.

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