Uma Mukkara

Uma Mukkara manages the operations of a large SaaS platform called that runs on Google cloud. MayaOnline is built using Kubenetes, Prometheus, OpenEBS and other cloud native technologies. Uma and his team continue to build strong DevOps practices around operations of this platform.

Uma contributes heavily to OpenEBS design and documentation. Uma often speaks in local open source meetups about Kubernetes, DevOps, and OpenEBS. Data management around Kubernetes is his passion and drives innovations around data mobility in the cloud operations that happen through OpenEBS DirectorOnline.

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Building auto DevOps for production grade databases on Kubernetes
Uma Mukkara

On production databases, the data patterns keep changing as the time progresses. CI pipelines need to have access to the latest data or closer to the latest data for effective testing. As Enterprises and FinTechs start to use Kubernetes and microservices-based architecture, their DevOps teams would like to solve two challenges that are well known in the pre-Kubernetes era. The first challenge is to automate the data lifecycle between production and testing. The second challenge is to give developers instantaneous access to the failed environment when the CI pipeline fails. Solving these two challenges in the Kubernetes space will make the DevOps more productive in enterprises.

In this practical tutorial of auto DevOps, we demonstrate the construction of GitLab based CI pipeline and show the best practices for the data life cycle management through the use of cloud-native technologies.

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