Connor Gilbert

Connor Gilbert is a product manager at StackRox, a Kubernetes security company. He recently spoke at BSides SF about achieving least-privilege configurations in Kubernetes, hosted a CNCF webinar on operationalizing Kubernetes security controls, and co-presented on related security threats at Google Next. Connor previously worked in software engineering at StackRox. Before that, as Security Research Scientist at Qadium (now Expanse), he built tools to uncover network perimeter exposures and conducted DARPA Internet security research. His formal training is in computer science. He first discovered Kubernetes in 2015 and has been using it ever since.

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Get Past the Default Configs: Lessons from the k8s Security Audit
Connor Gilbert

The Kubernetes security audit turned up some bugs in Kubernetes, but did you know it also includes important security advice for end users? Find out about the security recommendations from the audit and learn how you can apply them in your apps today.

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