SLSA, SigStore, SBOM and Software Supply Chain Security. What does that all mean really ?
04-16, 12:20–12:50 (Europe/Amsterdam), The Warehouse

Have you heard of SLSA, or SBOM or the new fuzzy word in the street “Software Supply Chain Security'' before ? Maybe yes if you are avide reader of some tech publications out-there. But what does this all mean really ? Or rather should you care ? Well the answer is it depends. In this talk the speaker will attempt to clarify these words, what they mean and present a state of the security world with tools and methodologies people and organizations are implementing to ensure software is secured from dev to production.

Abdel Sghiouar is a senior Cloud Developer Advocate @Google Cloud. His focused areas are GKE/Kubernetes, Service Mesh and Serverless. Abdel started his career in datacenters and infrastructure in Morocco where he is originally. Before moving to Google's largest EU datacenter in Belgium. Then in Sweden he joined Google Cloud Professional Services and spent 5 years working with Google Cloud customers on architecting and designing large scale distributed systems before turning to advocacy and community work.