eBPF System Inspection with Inspektor Gadget
04-16, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Amsterdam), The Warehouse

eBPF allows for getting in-depth insights from Linux system. Inspektor Gadget provides built-in "gadgets" (eBPF programs) and the plumbing for distributing, running and collecting data from eBPF programs on Linux hosts and Kubernetes clusters. It has recently gained needed votes to become a CNCF sandbox project.
In this presentation, I'll demonstrate how to run built-in gadgets, deploy and use custom eBPF programs, and use Inspektor Gadget's new bpftrace-based DSL to script data collection. We'll cover several troubleshooting scenarios with various gadgets and also show how to use Inspektor Gadget to export metrics to Prometheus.