Panel: The End of Programming
04-17, 14:00–14:30 (Europe/Amsterdam), The Warehouse

It's the beginning of the end for programming languages and what it means to be a developer. Large language models are now doing the compute. It's a democratization, allowing people who are not programmers to use code for how they work and live. We'll explore how LLMs are advancing, what we see happening now in developer communities, and how the rapid advancement of AI should be treated from a programming and developer context. What can programmers do to help themselves?

Moderated by Alex Williams

The panel is:
Bob van Luijt, CEO & Co-Founder @ Weaviate
Joe Duffy, Co-Founder, CEO, Pulumi
Sebastien Goasguen, co-founder, Triggermesh

Alex Williams is founder and editor in chief of The New Stack. He's a longtime technology journalist who did stints at TechCrunch, SiliconAngle and what is now known as ReadWrite. Alex has been a journalist since the late 1980s, starting at the Augusta Chronicle in 1989 after completing his master's degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Early in his career, he reported for newspapers in New York and Oregon, worked for a magazine writing about home textiles (ask him about it some time) and spent a year as a television business news anchor. Alex's online career began in 2003 when he did a web event called RSS WinterFest, which was followed by Podcast Hotel, an event all about the intersection of art and commerce and the impact digital media has on independent culture. While in college, Alex played baseball in France, which led him to writing stories of his experiences, and eventually a career in journalism.