Deploying with Confidence: Best Practices with Argo CD
04-17, 15:20–15:50 (Europe/Amsterdam), The Suite

Have you ever handled the constant and automated deployment and promotion of your applications on Kubernetes cluster? If you have, you probably realised quickly that enforcing certain simple norms will make things move much more smoothly. Maybe all of your services have a well-defined deployment process, but developers forget to put it up from time to time. You have far more power than you realise. This talk will provide a better and easy understanding on perfectly deploying your applications with the help of Argo CD. It will help you in achieving a higher level of control and consistency in your Kubernetes deployment process, while also providing a streamlined, efficient, and dependable solution for GitOps deployment, making it a valuable tool for organisations seeking to adopt this strategy for infrastructure and application management.

Benefits to the Ecosystem:
The modern development lifecycle is designed for rapid development and delivery. Every deployment has a certain risk associated with it, so organisations need effective means for controlling and reducing those risks. CI/CD pipelines rely heavily on automation during each moment they are in action. Some developers like the idea of implementing an automated testing system to check for possible performance issues so, optimising communication and transparency is a major key if you want your CI/CD pipeline workflow to be a success. There are even specific job roles and departments that focus on maintaining version control within CI/CD pipelines. By the end of this session, you will have a fair understanding of what allows people to manage deployments in a more simplified, reliable, and secure manner, and what it takes to result in an improved collaboration and visibility across the ecosystem.

Unnati is working as a Member Of Technical Staff-2 at VMware, India. Recently graduated from college, currently working with the Release Engg team of the VMware product- Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. She has been active in Open Source community since 2019 and has also participated in many Hackathons, bagging prizes in few of them. She enjoys giving talks at local conferences. When not working, she enjoys dancing and making Tech YouTube videos.