Adriana Villela

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Adriana Villela is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Lightstep, with over 20 years of experience in technology. She focuses on helping companies achieve reliability greatness by leveraging Observability, SRE, and DevOps practices. Before Lightstep, she was a Sr. Manager at Tucows, running both a Platform Engineering team, and an Observability Practices team. Adriana has also worked at various large-scale enterprises, in both individual contributor and leadership roles, including Bank of Montreal, Ceridian, and Accenture. Adriana has a popular technical blog on Medium, co-leads the OpenTelemetry End-User Working Group, is a HashiCorp Ambassador, and co-host of the On-Call Me Maybe Podcast ( You can find her on Twitter at @adrianamvillela to talk all things tech.

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Landing Among the Stars: How Community Powers the Adoption of Open Source
Adriana Villela, Rynn Mancuso, Austin Parker, Reese Lee

In an open source environment, how do you get your competitors to work with you and not against you? How do you collaborate with said competitors? And how do you contribute to the project while ensuring the voice of its end users is heard?

While many cloud-native projects bring together contributors from competing businesses, OpenTelemetry is notable because its meteoric growth has been fueled by a spirit of agreeable collaboration among competitors. Each company in the space contributes code, education, and event organizing towards a common goal of increasing adoption of and improvement to the project.

Join our panel talk to learn how to balance competing business and project interests, design guardrails around community structures to ensure shared values, and how these can be applied to working on your open source projects and within your organization.

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