Salman Iqbal

Salman works as an MLOps Engineer at Appvia and a Kuberenetes Instructor at Learnk8s. He has worked with a number of organisations in setting up Machine Learning platforms for teams to operate at scale. He co-founded Cloud Native Wales community. You can also find him on YouTube as Soulman Iqbal where he tries to explain cloud native concepts by simplifying them.


Lessons learnt from creating platforms on Kubernetes
Mauricio Salatino, Salman Iqbal

Would you ask a gardener to fix your leaking toilet? Probably not. Then, why would you ask a data scientist to fix a crashing kubernetes pod? Or why would you ask your developers to understand the internals of the PyTorch framework?

Data science is hard enough without also needing to know about Kubernete. Kubernetes application development is hard enough too without having to do data science! Learn about why you can build a platform on Kubernetes that hides Kubernetes complexities from data science users and data science complexities from application developers.

Salman & Mauricio will take you through the painful lessons that were learnt while building such a platform and the struggles faced by data scientists in cloud native hyperspace. Ending with a demo of how they integrated Kubeflow, KFServing, ArgoCD, Crossplane, Dapr and Knative to build an effective platform!

The Suite
Kubernetes API Explained
Salman Iqbal

Kubernetes API is one of the integral components that runs in the Kubernetes control plane. All external and most of the internal requests have to go via the API. It is usually represented in diagrams as one block. This talk will show how the API is made up of several smaller components. This talk will explain how the request goes through Authentication, Autorisation, Mutation & Validation before it is persisten in Kubernetes.

The Warehouse