Vanessa Kantner

Vanessa is a Manager leading the FinOps topic within Liquid Reply. She works with many different clients, from SMEs to large corporations in the insurance and automotive industry, developing and implementing the FinOps strategy with clients using AWS, Azure, GCP or multi-cloud. Her focus is on the optimization of used cloud resources, with a special interest in the topic of GreenOps. As thought lead for the topic, she continuously shares her accumulated experience and knowledge in webinars and trainings.

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It doesn’t end with Autoscaling – Why IT Engineers needs to back FinOps
Vanessa Kantner, Manuela Latz

“Costs are only relevant for the management, not for us developers.”

“We are using autoscalers, our environment is optimized enough.”

“Everything you need to know is on the cloud bill.“

Does that sound familiar? Anyone working on the topic of cloud cost efficiency has heard those statements at some point. Cloud cost is not a popular topic among engineers -not least because in most organizations, cloud cost management and related topics happen in far off departments.
The problem with these statements is that they are wrong. Above all, Cloud cost optimization is the combination of a well-thought-out architecture and the right configuration of workloads. In fact, cost and usage optimization within enterprises only thrive when IT Engineers, Business and Finance work collaboratively. Cost management is an essential part of the technical set-up and operations.
Manuela and Vanessa put an end to the most widespread prejudices about cloud costs in this talk and explain why autoscaling alone is not enough.

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