Developing a Local Registry for Kubernetes Clusters
2020-03-29, 10:25–10:55, Room 2

Docker Hub and are great for hosting public images, but not so great as the main resource for production clusters or storing highly sensitive images. In these cases, we really want a registry that is as close to the cluster as possible and under control of our organisation. Taking this further, there are advantages to integrating the registry into the cluster, such as more scope for auditing and validating of images.

For these reasons, Container Solutions have developed Trow, an open-source registry that is designed to run inside your Kubernetes cluster. Trow is designed to be compliant with the OCI Distribution Specification, with a focus on efficient distribution images to the cluster rather than long-term storage.

This talk will cover:
- an overview of the registry space
- why having a registry like Trow is important
- what the OCI Distribution Specification is, why it's important and where it's going
- the current status of Trow and future plans