10 Useful Techniques for Making Sense of Istio Service Mesh
2020-03-28, 17:00–17:30, Room 2

We have spent innumerous hours to write the "Istio Explained - Getting Started with Service Mesh" book and get the guiding example up running with Istio service mesh to incrementally enjoy the benefit of the service mesh. We are excited to share our learning in this session! You will be given a quick fly over of the Istio service mesh project including how it works but the main focus will be to drill into the useful techniques for configuring, managing, and securing microservices with Istio, through a combination of slides and live demonstrations using our brown field application. This session will be conducted by the authors of the newly published "Istio Explained - Getting Started with Service Mesh" book.

Users will learn service mesh and how to get started with service mesh, especially Istio.  Users will learn practical tips and tricks when adopting a service mesh for their brown field application. Users will take the learning to the next level with the book after the session.

We plan to cover:
- Why service mesh? What is service mesh?
- What are the key service mesh players out there?
- Strategies to adopt a service mesh
- AHA moments when getting the guiding example up and running via live demonstrations
- Live Traffic Animation provided by Kiali
- Live Observability of microservices provided by Istio
- Practical techniques to work with the Istio service mesh