Connecting Applications with Operator-backed Services
2020-03-29, 17:40–18:10, Room 2

Cloud-Native Environments like Kubernetes comes with its challenges for binding applications. A service backed by an Kubernetes operator, for example, PostgreSQL instance and a shiny front-end Node.js application...

Wouldn't it be really fancy if we could just express the intent to bind to any backing service without actually doing the configuration heavy lifting?

In the talk, we would demo to create a request to establish a connection between the application and the operator backed service(a backing service that is an operator). The app developer creates a ServiceBindingRequest and specifies:

The resource(application, for example, a frontend app) that needs binding information. The resource can be specified by label selectors,
The backing service's resource reference that the application needs to be bound to

The Service Binding Controller then:

Reads backing service operator(for example a Postgres operator) to discover the binding attributes.
Creates a binding secret, whose data is collected from all the backing services
Injects environment variables into the applications's Deployment or ReplicaSet