Envoy Proxy filter development with WebAssembly for the polyglot developer
2020-03-28, 15:25–15:55, Room 2

Envoy has quickly become the go to cloud-native proxy for many reasons; chief among which are it’s speed, and extensibility. Envoy’s extensibility comes in the form of filters. Until this point these filters were written in CPP only and compiled directly into an Envoy instance.

This approach has a few obvious drawbacks.
Only devs who know CPP are able to work on these.
It requires shipping ad different, extended, version of envoy.

Enter WebAssembly or WASM, which is attempting to solve these issues by allowing filters to be precompiled into WASM and then run in a WASM vm inside of Envoy.

This talk will go over the basics of writing envoy filters in multiple languages (CPP, Rust, and TinyGo), shipping them, then using them. If you are interested in envoy development, but not quite ready to take the plunge into CPP, this might be the perfect time to get your feet wet writing envoy filters.