The State of Kubernetes Cluster Management
2020-03-28, 09:45–10:15, Room 1

Kubernetes has a reputation of being notoriously difficult to manage. The Kubernetes control plane alone requires the deployment of 6 services and a distributed key-value store, and still won't give you a useful cluster.

This has lead to the introduction of two categorgies of solutions - managed offerings, and lifecycle management tools designed to simplify the deployment and management of clusters. These tools - such as kubeadm, Flux, ClusterAPI, etc - each fill one or more of the gaps within the cluster lifecycle, to varying levels of success.

In this talk, Josh will provide an overview of each stage of the cluster lifecycle, and how these tools map to those stages. Followed by an overview of each tool, and the benefits and drawbacks they provide. Finally, you'll learn how these tools can be combined to provide a coherent end-to-end narrative for cluster operations.