Put your service mesh on autopilot
2020-03-29, 12:00–12:30, Room 2

Service Mesh is a network abstraction that is making a lot of promises for microservices but that does not come without risk. In the new world, the service mesh alone bears the complexities of traffic routing, authentication, authorization, security, monitoring and tracing.

As the service mesh bears the full responsibility for routing all traffic within your cluster, an incorrect or outdated configuration can lead to severe degradation of the application performance, compromise its security and make it vulnerable to external attacks, or — in the worst case — even bring the entire network down. What if you could put your mesh on autopilot? Have it sense the changes within the environment and automatically adjust to them? In this demo filled talk we go beyond the sidecar to an adaptive mesh with Autopilot, an open source project to enable users and the ecosystem to build opinionated operators for service mesh.