Get Your Policy in Your Development Cycle
2020-03-29, 17:40–18:10, Room 1

What if your editor could warn you of Open Policy Agent or Gatekeeper violations... before you even saved your work? Come see new tools for Visual Studio Code that help you stay compliant and secure from day one.

The more quickly you can identify problems in your application, the easier they are to fix. Identifying policy violations in build or CI is great, but what if you could have that feedback as you were building your application?

In this talk, Ivan Towlson introduces policy tools built around Open Policy Agent and Gatekeeper that integrate with the Visual Studio Code editor and give authors an immediate heads up if something looks amiss. You'll see how to:

  • Get immediate, as-you-type feedback on the compliance of a Kubernetes manifest or Helm chart
  • Rapidly deploy policies, constraint templates and constraints into a dev cluster
  • Audit your development and test clusters within the GUI