Ralph Squillace

Ralph Squillace is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft on Azure Compute's App Platform Upstream team. He's responsible for cloud native, open source dev and ops tools and experiences targeting but not limited to Kubernetes. He's responsible for Helm and Brigade in the CNCF; for Cloud Native Application Bundles in the Joint Development Foundation; Porter and Visual Studio Code's Kubernetes Extension. He's old.

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Containerless Cloud Native: Pushing Kubernetes to the Edge and more

The explosion of Kubernetes as the core distributed container kernel has established the future of Cloud Native development, operations, and applications, and the ecosystem around K8s has exploded in lock step. But upstream K8s is not "the platform" of the future; instead, "it's the platform of the platforms" of the future. This talk will describe one of the most surprising and interesting possibilities for the Kubernetes and edge ecosystems: Web Assemblies, WASI, and WASM runtimes.

Web Assemblies ("WASM") -- and WASI, the Web Assembly System Interface -- provide one of the most interesting possibilities for the future of Cloud Native and Kubernetes, with specification work . (Even Solomon Hykes thinks so:
"If WASM+WASI existed in 2008, we wouldn't have needed to created Docker. That's how important it is. Webassembly on the server is the future of computing. A standardized system interface was the missing link. Let's hope WASI is up to the task!…"

This presentation will describe and demonstrate:
- Significant obstacles to productivity with container workflows
- How Kubernetes can work with WASM instead of containers
- What benefits over OCI runtimes this brings
- What obstacles over OCI runtimes this brings
- What is missing in the tool system, and how fast it might be created
- Who is doing WASI/WASM work, where, and how you can get involved.