Steven Dake

Steve serves as an Istio Environments workgroup co-chair lead. The Istio environments workgroup is responsible for installation, automation, and hybrid cloud including multicluster, mesh federation and multi-cloud focus areas.

Steve is additionally a maintainer of Istio environments, documentation, and test and release workgroups. Steve is also involved in the CNCF TOC as a contributor.

Steve has been involved since the second emergence of open source, having worked on prior to the kernel going 1.0. Steve also served on the board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation for 2 terms and has had numerous speaking engagements at various events including SA Forum, OSDL, OLS, CloudOpen, OpenStack Summit, KubeCon, as well as other events.

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Building the ISTIOD Service Mesh Microkernel

Join this session to learn why the Istio community challenged itself by building a better service mesh architecture modeled after a microkernel architecture. The technical origin of Istio is described in-depth, including the many historical reasons for implementing different components as separate microservices. User feedback has led to an increasingly clear understanding within the community that a single control plane process was worth investigating.

From this session, you will learn how Istio: * Transitioned its services into a microkernel with minimal cost * Transparently migrated human operators into Istio’s new microkernel architecture * Solves many deficiencies in prior service mesh architectures

Iris and Steve, two Istio maintainers, will conclude with a demonstration of ISTIOD.