Harsh Shekhar

Harsh is a Software Engineer at MayaData Inc. He has worked as a Software Engineer Intern in the same company and has worked on setting up the Logging infrastructure (EFK stack) with a team of 3 members. He is currently working on improving and optimising the logging infrastructure. He is an opensource enthusiast and has contributed to opensource projects like OpenEBS and Litmus.

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Chaos Engineering: Making Lives Easier!

In this talk, Chandan and Harsh will talk about Chaos Engineering in general and how its application can make the lives of Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) easier and carefree. By introducing chaos one can make rigorous testing in a development environment similar to the production environment. For instance generating traffic, generating load on a database or introducing network latency. They will talk about Litmus one of the widely used open-source tools for Chaos Engineering.